5 Reasons To Participate In A Clinical Research Study

Most people don’t think about participating in a clinical research study simplye because they are not familiar with clinical research.  But there are big advantanges to be found in clinical research, such as: [Read more…]

Ensuring Patient Rights and Safety In Clinical Research

It’s understandable to have a few concerns or even reservations when considering to participate in a clinical research study.  While plenty of information can be the provided about the study drug or the study itself, many potential volunteers still want to know who is going to maintain their safety and protect their rights.  The FDA actually says that is our job as clinical research professionals.

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Diabetic Medication 101

Managing your diabetes will always begin with a proper diet and plenty of exercise. However, depending upon your symptoms, your doctor may decide to start you on medication as well to help control your blood sugar levels.

Diabetic patients are often overwhelmed by the range of diabetic medication available in the US – let’s try simply these medications into 3 main groups.
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