5 Reasons To Participate In A Clinical Research Study

Most people don’t think about participating in a clinical research study simplye because they are not familiar with clinical research.  But there are big advantanges to be found in clinical research, such as:

    1. Access to Medical Staff & Services – Clinical research provides many patients with access to medical staff and services that they would not have otherwise. Most studies require frequent visits for evaluation and follow-up, all at no cost to the patients. Depending on the focus of the study, medical services, such as diabetic eye exams or mammograms, may also be provided at no cost to the patient throughout the course of the study.
    2. Access to Study Medication – During the study, all study-related medication and supplies are provided to participants at no costs.
    3. Compensation for Time & Travel – Because of the frequent visits required, many studies may reimburse patients for their time and travel to the office. The reimbursement amount will be different for each study.
    4. Clinical Research as “Standard of Care” – For patients with rare diseases with few treatment options currently available, clinical research often becomes their “standard of care” for their condition – this is seen more often in oncology research for cancer patients.
    5. Medical Advancements – Many patients take pride in knowing that they are helping others with similar medical conditions by contributing towards the advancement of our medical understanding.

There are certainly more advantages to be discovered in each study.  Feel free to contact us directly should you have any other questions about participating in a clinical research study.

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