Ensuring Patient Rights and Safety In Clinical Research

It’s understandable to have a few concerns or even reservations when considering to participate in a clinical research study.  While plenty of information can be the provided about the study drug or the study itself, many potential volunteers still want to know who is going to maintain their safety and protect their rights.  The FDA actually says that is our job as clinical research professionals.

Here are a few things that should put you at ease when considering participating in a clinical research study with Protenium Clinical Research:

  • Every new patient that comes into our office receives an Informed Consent Form to read. It outlines everything about the trial, what will happen during your visits, the medication being tested and anything else you can expect during the duration of the trial.

  • Most of all, we at Protenium Clinical Research care deeply about each of our patients and want them to find a better way to manage their health through participating in our clinical trials!

Whether you are already a study volunteer or just thinking about being a volunteer, please feel free to speak with us should you ever have any questions or concerns.

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