What Happens Upon Completion of a Clinical Research Trial?

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Most potential participants have many questions about what is involved during a clinical trial, and understandably so. But what happens afterwards?

Upon completion of the study, the global study team (which includes our staff as well as those working for the study sponsor) will carefully analyze the information that was collected throughout the duration of the trial. This allows us to determine what the findings actually mean, and if further testing is required. If further testing is deemed necessary, the investigational drug moves onto the next phase of 4 possible phases.

Finding from the study are regularly published for peer-review. This allows other experts to review the results prior to release, in order to ensure accuracy of conclusions. If the data is especially important, they may even be presented in news media, or in patient advocacy groups. If this new treatment is proven safe and effective, it is likely to move into mainstream practice.

You should always feel comfortable and confident during any clinical trial. If you have additional questions, don’t hesitate to call us directly at 817-281-4156.

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